The UK National Ligament Registry

The National Ligament Registry (NLR) was launched in 2011 by Orthopaedic surgeons, with an aim to help improve the management and outcome of knee ligament reconstructive surgery.

It was initiated in association with BASK, BOSTAA and the BOA and is run by a Steering Group.

The stimulus for the NLR is simple; in order to improve best practice, there needs to be constant analysis of the outcome of knee ligament reconstruction. The registry allows consultants to:

  • Collect demographic data, understanding the nature of the injury
  • Identify trends in practice, helping to track new developments
  • Identify techniques that may have suboptimal outcome at the earliest opportunity
  • Provide functional outcome data and complication rates, to better advise patients on expectations
  • Fully understand the results of their surgery on patients.