Top Tips

  1. Configure your widget dashboard to include only the widgets that you feel are important to you. These can be changed at any time in the 'Instant Reports' area within your system.
  2. Set up your custom lists within your settings. This will save you time in the future and gives you the ability to complete all sections of your procedure forms.
  3. Do you struggle to lock your iPad/tablet screen to only view the NLR? Download and setup the 'Kiosk Pro Lite' app. This gives you the opportunity to capture patients scores on an iPad or tablet in clinic whilst they're waiting to be seen. You will then have guaranteed completed scores.
  4. Add your defaults to each pathway, this will save you time in the future when filling out your procedure forms and you can choose which questions you would like pre-answered e.g. hospital, consultant in charge, funding etc - no more filling out forms in the same way over and over again.