Phase one to three

Phase One: Preoperative Preperation and Operative Period


Pre Op 

Rehabilitation begins before surgery in the pre-operative phase to ensure that the individual and their knee are ready for the operation.


  • Ensure adequate range of movement, especially normal hyperextension, i.e. so the knee extends to the same as the other leg.
  • Exercises to maintain quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength. Start balance control exercises
  • Advice session in the physio department for familiarisation with post op exercises and hospital stay.  

Phase Two: Initial Post Op Phase

The aim of this phase is to regain the range of joint movement and to allow swelling in the knee to settle. The most important aim is to regain normal and full extension (straightening) of the knee.


Review Goals:

Range of movement: full knee extension to 110 flexion
Wound healed
Minimal swelling in knee and around wound
Normal walking pattern
Good independent single leg balance control
Achieve full passive hyperextension

Phase Three: Proprioception Phase (Sensory Awareness)



The aim of this phase is to work on proprioceptive exercises.  This stage is also important for developing core stability to help you progress to full active function.  By the end of six weeks your knee should feel normal in activities of daily living. 


Review Goals:
Full range of movement including normal hyperextension

Minimal Swelling in knee

Full patella mobility

Minimal discomfort

Latest Statistics

The NLR has been successfully gathering patient data since 2013, after it was launched at BASK.


There are currently:


Number of active users: 712


Number of Pathways: 12098


Total Number of Registered Patients: 11796

(includes patients awaiting surgery)

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